The company has smart factory related products, smaft factory scanning bar code transmission soft system, smaft factory machine tool data acquisition system, CNC automatic cutter compensation system, and seeks agents and various forms of cooperation throughout the country.

Machine tool manufacturer (can be packaged to customers to improve the grade and cost performance of machine tools)

Machine tool seller (the customer in hand is the current resource. Just let the customer know the advantages of our products. Not only do you sell the machine tools to him, but all the machine tools of his company will do it together)

Machine tool maintenance personnel (there are many ready-made customers on hand. They may be worried about the small memory of the machine tool and the inability to do online processing at the same time)

Software vendors (when selling their own products, they only need to introduce the functions of our products to customers. They will generally like it and kill two birds with one stone)

As long as you have a variety of training modes and debugging resources, we can provide you with all kinds of training modes

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