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Suzhou Yizhi is subordinate to Suzhou Yitong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and consists of a team of Wuhan University experts from the networking of things, industrial control and CNC industries for more than 20 years. It specializes in big data collection, analysis and application in the precision processing industry. It uses advanced and mature independent R & D systems to provide customers with services such as visual mobile management, machine tool wireless networking, tool life management, equipment intelligent maintenance management, MES manufacturing execution system, CNC automatic remote tool repair and intelligent tool cabinet help customers reduce manufacturing costs and labor costs and improve production efficiency and quality.

Yizhi’s intelligent manufacturing management platform helps enterprises carry out process management in the manufacturing process, quickly help customers find production bottlenecks through data collection, solve the waste of manpower and resources in the production process, and finally help enterprises reduce personnel costs and improve production efficiency.

Our product positioning workshop level management pays special attention to the workshop production efficiency of small and medium-sized discrete enterprises. Through the integrated informatization of processing technology management, personnel, equipment, products and work orders, we help customers obtain the real-time data of the production site in the most direct and effective way, and provide the basis for Managers’ decisions through data analysis. Improve the production efficiency of the production site in the most direct and effective way.

As the pioneer of industry 4.0, yizhi adheres to the concept of intelligent manufacturing, connects automation and informatization through the core data communication technology, focuses on the informatization of discrete manufacturing enterprises, creatively creates the most advanced digital chemical plant management system for machinery manufacturing enterprises, and helps manufacturing factories realize networking, data integration and production automation。

The company’s main customers are China aviation industry group, China aviation development, Panasonic electric, Beijing Beike, etc; It is listed as a high-quality supplier of “smart factory products” by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The few “national high-tech enterprises” and “double soft enterprises” in the industry are also members of artificial intelligence and big data in Suzhou. Yizhi focuses on industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, equipment remote monitoring, tool life management, workshop OEE Kanban, SOP electronic operation instruction, robot loading and unloading, automatic stamping production line, automatic positioning and counting of RFID products, MES system customization, etc., and provides customers with a full set of intelligent solutions.。

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