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I differences between rozrz and other software

1.Calling on the machine panel: the program can be downloaded and called in front of the machine operation panel

2.Barcode scanning and downloading: it supports the barcode scanning and downloading program to the device, and can be supported by serial port and network port.

3 MES automatic program distribution: after MES task distribution, the processing program is automatically sent to the corresponding equipment without code scanning and manual intervention.

4 cooperation with robot: when the robot completes blanking, it will automatically send the next program to be processed to the equipment.

5 automatic deletion of old programs: when the new program is transferred to the equipment, the original old program is automatically deleted to prevent errors.

6 version management: it can manage the version of NC program and has the function of review at the same time. A new program needs to be reviewed by relevant personnel before it is formally finalized and enters the production phase, which can prevent product errors caused by version confusion.

7 wireless transmission: all types of equipment can use wireless transmission to facilitate equipment relocation and prevent network cable aging.

8 Strong compatibility: meet the networking needs of different control systems. Fully support FANUC, Siemens, Mitsubishi, has, Heidenhain, Mazak, FAGOR, Agie and other control systems.

9 Wide interface: fully support a full range of communication hardware such as standard RS232, RS422, 485 and network card.

II equipment networking transmission mode

1 directly input the program number to be processed on the machine tool operation panel, and the program is directly downloaded to the machine tool. All operations are completed on the machine tool panel.

2 directly send the program to be processed to the corresponding equipment on the computer, and the machine tool end does not need to be operated again.

At the same time, delete the last processed program to ensure that there is only one latest program.

3 MES system automatically completes the program transmission without human operation. When the order issued by MES takes effect, rorzdnc system will automatically connect with MES system, automatically transmit the program of the current order to the corresponding machine tool, and delete the last processed program to ensure that there is only one latest program.

4 complete the transmission of the program through the scanning gun. A scanning gun is equipped on the side of each equipment. The program is automatically transmitted from the computer to the specified machine tool through scanning the QR code on the parts. At the same time, when transmitting a new program, the previous program on the machine tool can be removed automatically, and there is always only one latest program on the machine tool.

5 after the manipulator completes loading and unloading, the program is automatically transmitted to the machine tool. When the manipulator sends the workpiece to the specified equipment and clamping is completed, a signal is fed back to the smart factory transmission software. After receiving the information number, the smart factory transmission software automatically sends the program to be processed to the corresponding machine tool.

III Return on investment

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